I little more about me


This is me, an accomplished, passionate and charismatic cellist, born in 1990 in Malaga, Spain.

After completing my studies in cello and music pedagogy from Málaga State Conservatory in 2018, I continued my studies in Madrid, at Forummusikae at the Alfonso X University.

After a hard time at the University, in my final exam as a soloist, in where I had to do the complete organization of my orchestra for my own exam/concert. I got a grade of 8.5/10. But one of my teachers called me after the concert to tell me how bad I played. It felt like a cold bucket of water. After that,  I got a kind of fear that blocked me from playing live properly, even my teachers told me that I would never be a cello soloist, and that caught me off guard again. So I needed a time for myself to get rid of those blocks. 

I succeed after finding out why I couldn’t, and I achieve a dream, to be a soloist. I played in Amatorsymfonikeme and Niels Boksand Orchestra, Copenhagen. After those times, I have been playing so much, in amazing and renowned places like:

Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen.

Odd Fellow Palace, Copenhagen.

Teatro Goya, Madrid.

Auditorio Nacional, Madrid

Teatro Cervantes, Málaga

Teatro Alhambra, Granada.

And many others.

Now, I have plenty of experience as a soloist, as well as from symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, and chamber groups. Playing  baroque music, opera, zarzuela, tango, contemporary music, pop and modern and current music. 

Not only that, I even record cello in recording studios for some artists, embassies and participate in Radio programs.

I went from «I don’t feel comfortable playing in public to playing in public, touching hearts and do what I like the most, play cello»

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