Adriana rojo ruiz

Professional Cellist

"Playing lifts you out of yourself into a delirious place"

Jacqueline Du Pré

About Adriana

This is me, Adriana, an accomplished, passionate, and charismatic soloist cellist, born in 1990 in Malaga, Spain.
I have been playing cello as a soloist since 2018.

After finishing my studies in cello and Music Pedagogy from Málaga State Conservatory, I continued my study in Madrid at Forummusikae at Alfonso X University.

I have plenty of experience as a soloist, as well as from symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, and chamber groups. I play baroque music, opera, zarzuela, tango, contemporary music, pop and modern and current music. 

Your purpose is to sculpt yourself into the person you have come to be: 

Right, Safe, Vital, Prosperous and Happy

You are music, you are your music, you are one with your instrument, you are your sound.
Know yourself and you will be known and you will know your music and the world will know it, because all your music, that which makes you unique, is in you, inside you.

My career

I have played with great artists of national and international renown

Andrea Bocelli

José Mercé

IL Divo


And many others like:

Niña Pastori
La húngara
Siempre así

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